Utilising an eclectic variety of playing techniques in exploring the sonic, rythmical, and expressive possibilities of the four-string electric bass guitar, they continue to showcase their identify as an emerging artist and ambassador of the low-end from Scotland. ” - Bass Magazine

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Jordan Hepburn is First Scottish Artist to release 'Flower of Scotland' as a 'Solo-Bass' Cover Song.  

Jordan Hepburn has released their new single 'Flower of Scotland' by Roy Williamson - the National Anthem of Scotland - as a 'Stand-alone' Solo Bass cover song.

Using predominantly tapping and double-thumbing techniques to articulate the main melody and 3/4 time signature, they are the first Scottish Artist to release or perform the Song as a 'Solo Bass' piece.

You can watch Jordan's performance of this song via the Youtube link on the Homepage, and it is available for download under the 'Music' tab.